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Can Singapore end TB by 2035?

Until recently, Singapore’s TB prevalence was trending downwards. What can the country do to reverse this trend and put the country on the path of TB elimination. Read this opinion piece.

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Why Diagnosing Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI) in Children is Challenging

Besides the use of WHO guidelines, what do healthcare providers need to know in order to diagnose TB in children?


Challenges of Tuberculosis Testing and Diagnosis

The immunocompromised population requires a focused strategy and approach to ending TB. Find out who they are and the challenges related to TB testing and diagnosis.


Maldives: Ending TB in Five Years (Case Study)

Find out how Maldives aims to end TB by focusing on testing and treating those with latent TB infection (LTBI) as well.


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Tuberculosis: Ancient Disease; 21st Century Crisis

Who is at risk of developing TB? Take a look at the TB statistics, the disease itself and its diagnosis.


Diagnosing TB: Understanding TB Diagnostics Test

What are the two categories of TB diagnostic tests? Find out how they are different.


Understanding Important Differences in IGRA Test Design.

What are the preanalytical variables and out why removing the these variables has an impact on TB IGRA blood test results.


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Ending TB begins with the right TB test.

Find out who should get tested for latent TB infection (LTBI) and the risk of not getting diagnosed.


A History of Tuberculosis: From Ancient Times to Today

By understanding the history of TB testing methods, you can be part of the solution to advance public health care and TB disease management.


Stop Missing TB in the Immunocompromised

Screening for LTBI amongst the immunocompromised is crucial to the programmatic management of the disease, repercussions of LTBI misdiagnosis and test options.