Automating the T-SPOT.TB blood test

The T-SPOT.TB test is now automated, giving you more streamlined workflows, simplified sample logistics and freeing up your technicians’ time.

It is now possible to automate the T-SPOT.TB test using the CE-marked T-Cell Select reagent kit. Automating the T-SPOT.TB test gives you better control of how you run your lab with:

– Streamlined workflows
– Simplified sample logistics

“T he automated process is more efficient, allowing us to organise the lab better, so technicians can also work on other tests. We also now handle large screenings with our normal staff levels.”

Inke Friedrichs MD, Doctor of Medical Microbiology, Virology and Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Zohreh Davami, Head of Microbiology Department, Frankfurt Main

Minimal technician time needed with the T-SPOT.TB test

The T-Cell Select reagent kit enables the T-SPOT.TB test workflow to be automated, so you get the reliability of the T-SPOT.TB test without impacting on the availability of technicians.

The T-SPOT.TB test can now easily fit with complex workflows involving large numbers of different tests, as well as giving your lab the flexibility to comfortably manage high sample volume days. Automation is scalable and can grow as your needs grow.

Comparison of the different workflows available to perform the T-SPOT.TB test, showing total hands on time, total time per sample and hands on time per sample for each of the 3 processes (note full automation timings are calculated for 48 samples).

Sample storage for over 2 days after collection

With the T-Cell Select reagent kit, samples for the T-SPOT.TB test can now be processed up to 54 hours after collection. That’s over 2 full days from venepuncture until the sample needs to be processed in the laboratory. This means that:

  • Samples can be shipped from a greater distance, expanding the laboratory’s reach
  • Late arriving samples can be stored for processing the following day
  • Batching samples is now possible for more efficient lab planning
  • Clinicians can plan TB clinics around their needs rather than the needs of the test